Pac-Man goes mobile and social (again), thanks to GREE and Namco


Pac-Man has been around the block, say, a gajillion times at this point. Yet developer Namco Bandai thinks the yellow pellet poacher needs another refresh, and has enlisted Japanese-gone-global social game giant, GREE, to make it happen. The two have agreed to bring a social version of the iconic arcade game to GREE's mobile social gaming network of the same name.

This mobile social version of Pac-Man is slated to go live internationally by the end of the year, with games based on the popular Japanese anime, Naruto, to launch as early as next week in Japan. Considering how popular the show is across the globe, we wouldn't be surprised to see Naruto games on GREE worldwide.

As GREE launches its gaming network around the world, it's lining up quite a few ducks to ensure its success. Between a new San Francisco office, buying Crime City maker Funzio and having one big old booth at this year's E3 with the rest of them, GREE ain't playin' no games, so to speak. The question is, however, will the West play their games?

[Via PC World]

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