FarmVille Serene Garden Countdown contents revealed

Another countdown has rolled around to FarmVille, bringing with it 13 new items for you to win on your farms, with a little of help from friends (ok, more than just a little). This newest countdown is called the Serene Garden countdown, and it contains 12 items that can be earned one per day, and a special bonus prize if you win them all.

You'll receive items like trees, animals and even decorations if you participate in this entire countdown, but if that vague description doesn't so it for you, here's the countdown's complete lineup of prizes, according to FVNation.

Day 1: Butterfly House Tree
Day 2: Kimono Cat
Day 3: Ladybug Bush
Day 4: Grenada Pomegranate Tree
Day 5: Lattice Lantern
Day 6: Japanese Fern Tree
Day 7: Dragon Topiary
Day 8: Kimono Dragon
Day 9: Garden Ball
Day 10: Lotus Tortoise
Day 11: Orchid Bunny
Day 12: Possumhaw Holly Tree

Again, if you manage to win one of each of these items, you'll receive a special prize at the end: the Garden Steed. Of course, these items become harder to earn over time, requiring you to ask your friends for more help, so actually earning all 13 items might be easier said than done. Adding complication to the feature is the fact that you'll only have a certain amount of time to complete the collection, so you'll need to ask for items every chance you get (once every six hours) to really be productive. Good luck winning all of these items before they leave the game!

What do you think of the prizes being offered in this Serene Garden countdown? Sound off in the comments!