Is ChefVille, Zynga's new cooking game, the end of Cafe World?

ChefVille Zynga Unleashed
ChefVille Zynga Unleashed

It certainly looks that way. Amid the flurry of Facebook games announced recently during Zynga Unleashed, Zynga revealed that there's a new (and admittedly improved) cooking game in town: ChefVille. In this upcoming social game, players get to create their dream kitchen and serve various worldly dishes to their friends as guests and offer them special VIP services.

Based on what Zynga had to show today during its press event, ChefVille looks how a modern Facebook game should, with smooth animations, flashy graphics and a slick user interface. Players can even receive real-life recipes for the game's numerous dishes when they master them in-game--either on Facebook or email.

Wait, but what about Cafe World, the developer's current cooking game with 720,000 daily players? Considering how painfully similar this game looks to its predecessor, albeit far prettier, it wouldn't be surprising to see ChefVille eclipse Cafe World entirely--intentionally or not. No launch date has been announced for ChefVille yet, so Cafe World lives to play another day ... for now.

[Image Credit: Polygon]

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