After Unemployed Dad Saves Two Lives, NYC Vows To Find Him Job

Lawrence Bowers unemployed saved lives
Lawrence Bowers unemployed saved lives

It is only human nature: the more people who are watching a tragic scene, the less likely it is for any single person to help. That was the case last Friday morning, when Lawrence Bowers, 49, saw a figure floating face down in the water, with at least a hundred people watching, unmoved. Bowers jumped in, two weeks after saving a child from the same stormy surf.

Now New York Commissioner of Small Business Services Rob Walsh says that he is doing his best to find Bowers, an unemployed father of six, a job. He set Bowers up with the director of the city's career center, who helped him revise his resume, according to a center spokeswoman. She said Bowers has a few interviews lined up in the coming weeks.