Strikefleet Omega on iOS: Flight Control with sharp real-time strategy

Strikefleet Omega review
Strikefleet Omega review

In a way, iPhone classic Flight Control is a real-time strategy game (RTS), albeit without the pew-pew of laser fire and buzz of incoming alien ships bent on your destruction. This is Strikefleet Omega, a free-to-play RTS developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by 6waves with the perfect blend of strategic play and respect for mobile gamers' time.

Unfortunately, the touch, drag and tap fest is missing some much-needed spice in the form of social features. But more on that later--let's focus on what Omega does right. For one, this strategy game looks great on the iPhone. From its surprisingly detailed space craft to its flash-filled explosions, Omega is certainly worth staring at. (Especially in later levels when the screen is filled with both friendly and enemy space ships.)

Strikefleet Omega puts players in command of their own star fleet, seeking refuge from a evil alien race bent on its destruction. If you're more interested in the story that's fine--just know that it's largely a set piece for the various combat scenes. As players begin their counter-assault on the alien menace, they'll have to learn how to take the fight to enemy ships. Simply put, all that boils down to is tapping a carrier ship and dragging a path toward incoming enemy ships.


The play loop sounds simple enough, but just wait until enemy bombers invade the scene that can only be trounced by artillery canon fire. While you're tapping on dangerous bomber ships before they decimate your forces, you're keeping track of where your squadrons of fighters are. By the way, each new ship costs a certain amount of minerals, which come from asteroids that players mine using carriers ore-shipping spacecraft that, yes, you'll need to protect in transit with fighters and canon blasts.

Strikefleet Omega screens
Strikefleet Omega screens

If this sounds stressful, that's because it is, but in the best way. Strikefleet Omega tests players reaction and planning skills all the while training them for how to best react when their fleet is in danger of destruction. And what better way to do that then slap a star-based ranking system on each level? Perhaps it's a superficial way of extending replay value, but hot dang does it work.

Strikefleet Omega is, like most successful iPhone games, a fine use of the platform's touch capabilities in a way that's simple yet addictive. Tapping and dragging things shouldn't be this fun, but when used as the means for orchestrating sprawling sci-fi battles, it certainly is.

However, how am I supposed to show off my mad space battling skills? Oh wait--I can't. And that's one, if the only area, in which Strikefleet Omega falls flat. In this day and age, players want to see how they stack up against their friends. Until Harebrained Schemes wises up and makes Game Center and Facebook support more prominent pummeling the enemy across numerous star systems for three stars should hold us over.

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