SimCity Social goes live, lays its foundations on Facebook

SimCity Social on Facebook
SimCity Social on Facebook

The most anticipated Facebook game of the summer, SimCity Social, is now live on the network. Playfish and EA have released their flagship city-builder in an open beta, or otherwise known as "live". The duo have quite the hype to live up to between the rumor mill that's been churning for the past year and the company's own marketing and messaging.

With a slogan that reads, "More city, less ville," it's safe to say that EA, Playfish and Maxis are all talking a big game. Upon first glance, SimCity Social is one gorgeous city-builder, with smooth animations, a happy-go-lucky soundtrack and flashy graphical effects. What will separate this take on the genre from the rest is what players come to realize from a few days play time.


That said, what are you waiting for? SimCity Social is live and ready for the playing ... or something like that. We'll have a full review of the game soon enough--in the meantime, share your impressions of SimCity Social with us in the comments.

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