SimCity Social Cheats & Tips: Interact with buildings for free parts


As your city begins to grow in SimCity Social on Facebook, you'll quickly find yourself tasked with collecting building materials to finish off businesses, attractions and more. While it's easy to ask your friends for these items, or to even purchase them with Diamonds (SimCity Social's premium currency), it's not as fun to wait for your friends to actually send those item to you. This leaves you to try and earn these items for yourself, and luckily, you can do just that with a few energy bolts and a bit of luck.

Since this is a Sims-focused game after all, you can feel free to click on built businesses, factories, attractions, homes and more and interact with your Sims in themed actions that are appropriate to those items. In a home, for instance, you might be able to "Bring Cookies Over," or "Say Hi" to your neighbors. Regardless of the task, these will cost 1 energy each to activate, and they'll reward you with experience points, coins, and even Materials. On top of that, each action gives you a random chance of collecting those building materials that you need to complete other structures.

If you're wondering what sorts of buildings give which items, you can simply hover over the ingredient in the game's menu system to see where they'll spawn. If you have some energy bolts to spare, you can try to earn these items on your own without wasting time waiting for your friends to send them to you. In addition, those extra experience points earned in the process just might help you level up and move on to bigger and better things!

While you're not guaranteed to receive these ingredients when spending your energy, the other rewards you'll earn along the way still seem to be worth the energy points you'll spend. Good luck collecting every object you need!

Have you had any success earning these ingredients when collecting from your town's buildings? Sound off in the comments!