SimCity Social Beginner's Guide: Our hands-on look at getting started [Video]


We've been excitedly waiting for SimCity Social to launch on Facebook for months, and that time has finally arrived. As you begin your journey into the game, we're here with a beginner's guide to help you get acclimated.

While SimCity Social is definitely comparable to CityVille, there's a huge focus on social interaction here, allowing you to play nice, or be more than a bit naughty when interacting with your neighbors. You'll need to balance the use of coins and materials to upgrade businesses and increase their payouts, while properly decorating and expanding your land will see thousands of tiny Sims arriving in your city in droves! We'll make sure to have plenty of tips and tricks for the game over the coming days and weeks, but for now, check out our Beginner's Guide below.

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Have you already jumped into SimCity Social? How do you think this city-builder compares to the many others that have been previously released? Sound off in the comments.