ngmoco hopes lightning strikes twice with Legend Cards on Android

After ngmoco's mobile card-battling game Rage of Bahamut became, well, all the rage on the Google Play store for Android (and then on iOS), the social games tycoon has partnered with gloops International to do it again with the launch of Legend Cards on Android. Legend Cards is already a huge success overseas, having a user base of over 1.5 million players in Japan alone. Now, you'll be able to construct another powerful army within Legend Cards, all for free.

Legend Cards sees you traveling across uncharted lands recruiting different kinds of creatures / entities into your army. You'll interact with "humanoids," machines, monsters and more, all set in the world of shonen manga. Gameplay is fleshed out with the ability to evolve different cards to make your deck stronger, and of course, you can use your ever-expanding card collection to take to battle against other players worldwide.

"We are always looking to expand our lineup with premium titles that have universal appeal," said Neil Young, CEO, ngmoco and Director, DeNA, via a company press release. "Trading card games are a huge phenomenon in Japan, and we are leading the charge in bringing top hits like Legend Cards to players worldwide."

Legend Cards is now available to download for free on the Google Play store for Android, and the game will be released on the Apple App Store "soon." Stay tuned for more on the game's iOS release.

Click here to download Legend Cards on Android --->

Have you tried Legend Cards on your Android device, or are you too busy playing Rage of Bahamut to take a break for anything else? Sound off in the comments!