Game Insight announces cross-platform MMO Dragon Eternity for iOS, Android and web

While it might be commonplace for puzzle and word games to offer cross-platform play across iOS and Android devices, Game Insight has something a bit more ambitious in mind with its upcoming cross-platform MMO Dragon Eternity. Not only will Dragon Eternity be playable for free on both iOS and Android platforms, but a free-to-play web-based version is also thrown into the mix.

The web game of Dragon Eternity already has more than 1 million beta testers, as players are thrown into a world containing elements from both player-vs-player battles and non-combative roles (like those focusing on crafting and/or item collection, for instance). Via this storyline of war and struggle, players will choose to support either the side of Vaalor or Sadar in the formerly lush, beautiful world of Adan, which has been torn apart during the war. On top of battling other real-world players, Dragon Eternity's warriors will be challenged by a variety of monsters, bandits and more through gameplay that sees them exploring both open landscapes and deep dungeons.


Even in this pre-release state, Dragon Eternity already sports hundreds of quests, allowing users to take on thousands of enemies, including boss characters. Their item collections can grow over time, with rarity-specific items and even companions to take into battle, such as a fire-breathing dragon.

As with most MMOs, Dragon Eternity can immediately be compared to the likes of World of Warcraft, but the cross-platform play across mobile devices and traditional PCs is definitely interesting. Only time will tell if the mobile versions can deliver on the complexity promised by the existing web version of the game, and we'll make sure to let you know when you can get your hands on those mobile versions as soon as they launch.

Are you excited about the possibility of an in-depth free-to-play MMO on your iPhone, iPad or Android device? Sound off in the comments!

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