FarmVille Jade Falls Items: Mystic Stone Tree, Dragon Kite and more


While the Birthday Classics celebration may be going on elsewhere in FarmVille, that doesn't mean that the Jade Falls limited edition item theme has been entirely forgotten. In fact, a new set of items in the Jade Falls theme has been released just this evening, bringing with it new trees, animals and more for your new farm, or any others. Here's a look at the newly released items.


Mystic Stone Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Mystic Stone Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Mystic Fire Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Mystic Water Tree - 90,000 Jade Coins or 14 Farm Cash


Blue Water Dragon - 20 Farm Cash
Fire Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Big Blue Water Dragon - 22 Farm Cash
Water Snake - 12 Farm Cash
Portuguese Water Dog - 2 million coins or 12 Farm Cash
Clown Triggerfish - 70,000 Jade Coins or 6 Farm Cash


Lucky Cat - 80,000 Jade Coins or 8 Farm Cash
Dragon Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
Dragon Firework - 3 Farm Cash
Dragon Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Dragon Kite - 50,000 Jade Coins or 5 Farm Cash

All of these items will be available to purchase for the next two weeks, and while that might seem like a lot of time, don't put off a shopping spree for so long that you forget about them and they expire, as there's no telling when (if ever) they might make a return.

Which of these Jade Falls items are you going to purchase? Sound off in the comments!

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