CityVille Famous Mall: Everything you need to know


If you think that all malls are the same in CityVille, you might want to think again, as a new mall with a twist has launched in the game. This new mall is the "Famous Mall," which earns its name via the fact that it will store new Famous Businesses that you'll earn using your other Malls.

The Famous Mall itself works as others, with three floors of storage being unlocked with your friends' help. You'll need to collect building materials to unlock floors and then ask your friends to be staff on each floor to actually unlock storage compartments, up to the total of 15.

As you collect profits from all of your regular malls, you'll have a chance of earning Famous Businesses, with these businesses falling into three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once you build all five items in a particular collection, you'll unlock the next collection and will receive special bonus prizes. For instance, once you complete the Bronze Collection, you'll receive 300,000 coins and 20 energy points.

It's worth nothing that none of these Famous Businesses are available for purchase in the game's store, so you will need to participate in this feature if you want them. Additionally, some of these businesses will require Premium Goods, so you'll need a constant stream of those as well. Finally, if you can complete your entire Famous Business collection, you'll receive the "Famous Headquarters," a community building worth 2,300 citizens added to your maximum population cap. Good luck finding them all!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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