Amazon wants its social games arm to be 'Worldwide Breaking News'


It's been a little while since we've last heard of Amazon's efforts in the social games space, but that doesn't mean the company is any less bent on making a bog show of it. According to a Reuters report, posters plastered on the walls of the online retailer's new Seattle, Wash. campus dub Amazon's Social Games Group as "Worldwide Breaking News."

Other posters--and job postings on LinkedIn and elsewhere--read, "The Group is growing fast" and, "We're actively looking," Reuters reports. One LinkedIn job posting in particular for a Senior Social Games engineer claims that the Social Games Group is "working on a cutting edge initiative within Amazon."

As Reuters points out, Amazon has already successfully branched out into areas beyond retail, like cloud computing and device sales. But gaming is another animal entirely, and social on the whole is something that the company doesn't have a lot of experience. Still, if there's any major company left to get into social games, it's Amazon. Then again, we said that about Google at the time--zing!

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