No Zombies Allowed: Here's what happens when Small Street meets the zombie apocalypse

Earlier this year, Glu Mobile released Small Street on iOS, which was in itself a horizontal clone of the vertical tower-builder Tiny Tower. Now, Booyah has released yet another game that's inspired heavily by both of the above: No Zombies Allowed, which includes the company's famous location-based gameplay.

No Zombies Allowed is a horizontal city-builder, giving you a relatively infinite amount of space to build your safe-haven from left to right by constructing homes and businesses. The object is to complete enough homes to save the many survivors of the zombie apocalypse, while also making sure to defeat the zombies that appear at your compound's front gate. Every few moments, a survivor will appear, with each containing a personality type relating to the job they'd like to perform (a leader, warrior, joker, and so on), and you can choose to bring them into your compound and give them a place to live and work. When zombies appear at the gate, you'll simply tap on them to shoot them (the gate is appropriately outfitted with an armed guard) and will receive bonus coins and goods when doing so.


These coins can be used to purchase additional buildings in your compound, while the goods go to order products to serve at your many businesses (up to three products per business). Apparently, the zombie apocalypse didn't actually break supply chains. Every few "levels" or buildings, you'll have the chance to open up a direct supply route with one of the businesses in your real world town, based on your current location. You can search for businesses, or simply choose from a list of those businesses closest to you, with Google Maps working to bring in your search results. Different businesses will give you different amounts of goods, and you'll need to assign survivors to the truck routes, which can take an hour or more to complete.

Technically speaking, the game performs fine, with plenty of adorable graphics (who knew zombies could be so cute?), but ultimately, the gameplay is just another take on Tiny Tower with the inclusion of zombies and some location-based play. If you've exhausted all of the options for Tiny Tower clones in the App Store, by all means try out No Zombies Allowed, but you shouldn't go in expecting something revolutionary.

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Have you tried No Zombies Allowed on iPhone or iPad? What do you think of this cute take on the zombie apocalypse? Sound off in the comments!

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