FarmVille: Decorate your Dino Lab with Prehistoric items


With the recent launch of the Dinosaur Lab in FarmVille, it only makes sense that one of the month's "Birthday Classics" themes would contain Prehistoric items to go along with the game's new focus on dinosaurs. That's the case this weekend, as a set of extremely limited edition Prehistoric items has returned to the FarmVille Marketplace, where they'll remain for the next 12 hours as of this writing. Here's a look at what you can purchase, if you're fast enough.


Bjuvia Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Cycad Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Dinosaur Eggs Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Dinosaur Fossil Tree - 8 Farm Cash


Sabertooth Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Triceratops - 18 Farm Cash
Caveman Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Brontosaurus - 18 Farm Cash
T-Rex - 24 Farm Cash
Pterodactyl - 12 Farm Cash


Tarpit Lake - 15 Farm Cash
Caveman Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Paleontologist - 12 Farm Cash
Giant Fern - 90,000 coins

Again, these items will only be available for the next 12 hours, so you'll need to shop fast if you don't want your second chance at these items to expire!

Which Prehistoric items will you purchase during this limited time re-release? Sound off in the comments!