CityVille Autograph Goals: Everything you need to know

Apparently, the growth of your City Sign in CityVille has attracted some new celebrities to your town (along with some tourists that want their autographs). This has inspired a new three-party goal series for our towns, dealing with Bella and her love of autographs! Here's a guide to finishing off these goals, which are available to complete in either your main city or in the Downtown expansion.

No Autographs

  • Have a Level 5 City Sign

  • Ask friends for 20 Celebrity Autographcs

  • Collect from 25 Premium Businesses

The Celebrity Autographs are earned via a general news post on your wall. For a guide on how to build and upgrade the City Sign, check out our coverage. You'll receive 1,500 Premium Goods and 10 energy for finishing this goal.

Nail the Audition!

  • Supply Chic Boutique 25 Times

  • Collect from 6 Sprawling Mansions

  • Send 5 Cargo Ships to Dubai

Rewards: 250 XP, 150,000 coins

Give Me Some Props

  • Collect from 40 City Sign Houses

  • Have a Level 3 Theater Prop Shop

  • Have 5 Deluxe Cruisers

You'll receive the Backlot Movie Studio for completing this final goal, which is an item not available anywhere else (as of this writing). Good luck finishing these goals!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these three Autograph goals? Are the rewards worth the effort required to complete them? Sound off in the comments!