Hidden Chronicles Ring of Truth Part 1: Everything you need to know

A new quest line has launched in Hidden Chronicles, bringing with it a new character named Chad that wants your help with his naive aunt. She's apparently being scammed by a fake spiritual medium, but Chad's aunt won't listen to reason. It's up to you to use your special skills to find proof that she's being "taken for a ride." As of this writing, only Part 1 of this three-part event is available to complete, but you'll have plenty of content to work on to get things started.

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 1 of 11

  • Place Spinner Cart

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind

  • Get 4 Beaded Shawls

The Beaded Shawls are earned through individual requests sent out to your neighbors. Meanwhile, the Spinner Cart can be purchased in the store for 1,550 coins. You'll earn 340 Estate Points once it's built (it requires plenty of building materials to complete). You'll receive 200 coins, 30 XP and a Vanner Horse Statue when you complete this quest. The Statue itself is worth just 48 Estate Points.

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 2 of 11

  • Get 4 Spirit Boards

  • Play 2 Scenes

  • Hide 3 Gifts

Rewards: 220 coins, 35 XP

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 3 of 11

  • Complete the Spinner Cart

  • Collect 5 Gaudy Earrings

  • Find 2 Gifts

Rewards: 250 coins, 45 XP, Seance Parlor scene unlock

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 4 of 11

  • Place Tree Stump House

  • Earn 3 Trophies in Seance Parlor Scene

  • Play 5 Games of FastFind

The Tree Stump House costs 1,900 coins, and it offers 220 Estate Points when complete. You'll need to ask six friends to be staff within the building to finish its construction. Your rewards for this quest are 250 coins and 40 XP.

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 5 of 11

  • Gather 5 Tarot Cards

  • Hide 5 Gifts

  • Collect 6 Bangles

Rewards: 280 coins, 50 XP

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 6 of 11

  • Complete the Tree Stump House

  • Gather 6 Crystal Balls

  • Find the Zodiac in the Seance Room Scene

Rewards: 280 coins, 45 XP, Romany Camp scene unlock

Ring of Truth - Part 1: 7 of 11

  • Earn 4 Trophies in the Romany Camp Scene

  • Hide 5 Gifts

  • Place Roma Lantern

You'll receive 280 coins for finishing off this quest.

The details for the final four quests are still up in the air, but this should be more than enough to get you started on helping Chad discover if this medium really is a fake. You'll have about a month to finish them off, before the time limit expires, so we wish you luck in completing them all!

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Are you excited to dive into this Ring of Truth event? Do you think the medium really is fake, or will there be a plot twist waiting for us? Speculate with us in the comments!