CityVille Scratch Cards: Risk a little to win a lot

While scratch cards (think scratch lottery tickets) have already been a part of other Zynga games for some time now (FarmVille, for instance), that system of paying a little cash to potentially win big has now come to CityVille. The "Scratch & Win" cards cost 4 City Cash to play, and contain nine squares that are "scratched" with the click of a button.

For that entry fee, you could walk away with something small, like a bundle of 50 Goods, or you could win one of the many grand prizes up for grabs: 1 million coins, 200 Zoning Permits, 100 Energy Bolts, 10,000 Goods and plenty of building rewards (including a castle made out of playing cards) that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

There's incentive to keep scratching cards too, as you'll receive 3x your standard rewards after scratching five in a row. This "streak" may be timed in the long run, but as of right now, you can feel free to leave the game and come back later only to scratch off more cards without losing your progress (we tried it). Good luck walking away with the top prizes!

Will you pay 4 City Cash to scratch off a card for potentially massive prizes? Did you scratch off any cards? What did you win? Sound off in the comments!