Zombie Nation: Bayou Breakout is a challenging take on the zombie apocalypse

The ever-popular theme of "zombie apocalypse" makes another appearance on the iPhone and iPad this week via the release of 6waves' Zombie Nation: Bayou Breakout. The game sees you placed in the role of a pair of "down home boys" in the swamp, as you're asked to survive wave after wave of hungry zombies while protecting your plantation and providing safe haven for the few survivors still around.

Whether on the iPhone or iPad, the gameplay here is immediately challenging, as zombies will approach the plantation from all directions, and you must tap on them to make Zeke automatically take aim from one of the boarded up windows or doors within the plantation. There's strategy in aiming, as you must prioritize which zombies to kill first based on how close they are to the plantation (or to survivors that appear and run into the plantation at random) and on how far away you are from the closest window or door to take a shot. Valuable time can be wasted in waiting for your guns to reload or for Zeke to run around the house, but luckily, the additional characters you'll unlock along the way will be controlled by the game, as they pick off any zombies that might be a bit too close for comfort.


You'll earn points and cash for each level you finish, and can replay levels to increase your score over time. This cash can be used to upgrade your weapons, starting with a pistol and moving on to items like a shotgun, machine gun and even a molotov. Upgrades see you increasing the rate of fire, reload speed, ammo capacity and more of these weapons (where applicable), which will help in the long run, but still won't eliminate the challenge brought about simply in the game's design.

In each level, you'll be forced to mow down dozens of zombies before all is said and done, and while tapping on zombies is easy to do, shots aren't incredibly accurate and you can easily become overwhelmed by the hoard as you wait to reload (this is especially true on the tiny screen of the iPhone). This isn't a casual man's (or woman's) zombie game, but as a free to play (ad-supported) experience, it's worth downloading to see if this take on tower defense is to your liking.

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