Game of the Day: Mad World


If you've come for that Tears for Fears song, brace yourself, because instead, you're going to be hearing about one of the most beautiful and best spot-the-difference games around. Today's Game of the Day is Mad World; so named because it truly takes place in a mad, mad world that doesn't always play fair.

What makes this game different from so much of its genre is its vibrant colors, smooth animated transitions, and otherworldly style. Surreal scenes abound, from an aquarium to a gallery of Roman statues, from church pews to a car show. Two other major elements is that instead of using the same image twice, it presents us with false mirrored images. To add to the challenge, the objects in the center have no duplicates, so sometimes it's a wild guess trying to figure out the final click. But clicks are generous. You only lose one point for every wrong click you make. If you love spot-the-difference games, play Mad World. I can't recommend it highly enough and I'd dare you to find me a cooler one like it.

Play Mad World!

Did you find Mad World as fantastic as I did? What's the best spot-the-difference game you've ever played?