CityVille Zoning Permit Center: Everything you need to know


One of the biggest complaints users have with CityVille is the constant need to ask friends for Zoning Permits in order to continue expanding their cities' borders. Zynga has tried to lessen this burden over time, giving Zoning Permits away as goal rewards, or even through cross-promotions with its other games, and another temporary solution has been released this week via the launch of the Zoning Permit Center.

This Zoning Permit Center is technically a community building that can be constructed using building materials that you'll earn from your friends. You'll need to gather the following using a combination of general news items on your wall and individual requests to neighbors:

  • 6 Paper Threads

  • 6 Stamps

  • 6 Permit Stencils

  • 6 Permit Seals

  • 6 Permit Papers

Once you complete the Zoning Permit Center, you'll have a chance of earning Zoning Permits each time you collect from the building and can increase this chance by upgrading the building itself. As you might have guessed, the upgrade process sees you collecting more building materials, so you can undertake that voluntarily whenever you're ready.

Either way, you'll be able to earn up to 65 Zoning Permits via this Zoning Permit Center before the building apparently loses its function. It's possible that the random chance could be reinstated at some point in the future, so it would be wise to keep this building even after you've stopped receiving Zoning Permits just in case that ends up being the case. Unfortunately, the building can't be stored, but at least it's not so large as to be a burden while you're waiting for that to (potentially) happen. We'll make sure to let you know as other opportunities for "free" zoning permits arise, so stay tuned!

What do you think of this Zoning Permit Center? Are you disappointed to find out that the amount of permits you can "earn" is limited, or are you just appreciative of anything you can get? Sound off in the comments!