CityVille Water Park Goals: Everything you need to know

With all of the recent talk of roller coasters and theme park rides in CityVille, it only makes sense that a water park would be released right along side them, and luckily, that has indeed been the case. If you're looking for a way to allow your citizens to cool off during the hot Summer months, you can now help them do just that by adding some water-themed items to your town!

Unfortunately, all of these are community buildings, so if you're looking for businesses or population boosts, you won't find that here. Additionally, even if you choose to place these items in your Downtown expansion, rather than in your main city, they won't come with Downtown Value points either. All told, there's 4,000 citizen allowance up for grabs with these new buildings, and some goals to complete along the way.

Make a Wave!

  • Ask for 5 Water Tickets

  • Place and Build the Wave Pool

  • Upgrade Aquarium to Level 2

The Wave Pool can be placed for free from this goal, and takes three energy to build. You'll then need to collect building materials (five each of Kiddie Pools, Twisty Tunnerls, Coasters, Hot Tubs, Slides and Splash Pads) to finish it off. It will add 300 citizens to your maximum population allowance. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive two Zoning Permits and 50,000 coins.

Sink or Swim!

  • Ask for 5 Water Toys

  • Place and Build the Water Slide

  • Harvest 10 Watermelon

The Water Slide also requires building materials to finish. In this case, you'll need six each of Kiddie Pools, Hot Tubs, Slides, Splash Pads, Twisty Tunnels and Coasters to complete it. It adds 700 citizens to your maximum population allowance. You'll earn 100,000 coins and five energy for finishing this particular goal.

Let's Keep Collecting!

  • Ask for 7 Water Pumps

  • Place and Build the Water Tunnel

  • Collect 15 Water Toys from Businesses

You guessed it - this Water Tunnel (with 1,000 population allowance) takes you back to the item request scene, as you'll need to ask your friends to send you 60 building materials: 10 each of Kiddie Pools, Twisty Tunnels, Hot Tubs, Splash Pads, Coasters and Slides. When you complete this goal, you'll be rewarded with 200,000 coins and 100 XP.

Let's Keep Building!

  • Ask for 20 Water Motors

  • Place and Build the Speed Slides

  • Have 60 Cranberries

This building project is the largest of them all, requiring 12 each of six different items: Hot Tubs, Kiddie Pools, Twisty Tunnels, Slides, Coasters and Splash Pads. When you complete this structure, you'll receive support for 2,000 extra citizens to live in your town, and will also receive 300 XP and five energy for completing this final Water Park goal.

There may not be a time limit on these goals as of this writing, but I wouldn't expect them to last much longer than Summer itself. If you're interested in having some virtual fun in the sun in your CityVille town, why not start on these as soon as possible? Good luck completing all four rides and goals!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these Water Park rides and the goals that go along with them? Will you try to complete all four of them in your city? Sound off in the comments!