China's Piano House Is Simply Amazing

China's piano house
China's piano house

We've seen a home made of nautical artifacts and zeppelins. We've seen a home with a slide in it. We've even seen a man living on a plane. So we're no strangers to really weird real estate.

China's piano house
China's piano house

But never did we ever imagine that we'd one day see this: introducing China's Piano House. Yes, it's a house -- in the shape of a grand piano -- which you access via a staircase and escalators inside of a giant glass violin.

The building in Huainan City was reportedly designed in 2007 by architectural students at Hefei University of Technology. It acts as a showroom for city planners to show off their plans for the Shannan district in Huainan City.

Other details and interior shots of the structure are hard to come by, unfortunately. But regardless, it's music to our ... eyes? Makes perfect sense to us.

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