Sinkhole Swallows Half of Florida Woman's Home

sinkhole swallows home
sinkhole swallows home

It's bad when you uncover mounds of trash buried in your backyard. It's worse when you discover that the home you just bought is infested with snakes. But it's utterly horrible when the earth swallows half of your house.

Susan Minutillo, of Hudson, Fla., returned home from running an errand to find that the entire back end of her house had collapsed into a sinkhole, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

A crew had been doing a routine survey of sinkholes on her property when the giant hole began to cave in. Forty-five minutes later, county officials were putting a "condemned" sign on Minutillo's house.

"I never thought this would happen to me," Minutillo tells the Times. "I don't know where I'll go now."

She went to her neighbors' house -- but that turned out not to be much of a refuge. Officials said her neighbors, Howard and Shirley Taylor, would have to evacuate their own home because it was also in danger of sinkhole damage, according to the Times.

Jim Johnston, of Pasco County emergency management, says that more than 50 percent of Minutillo's house was damaged by the sinkhole. She probably won't be able to re-inhabit the home.

Minutillo tells the Times that her insurance company says it will cover the costs associated with the damage. In the interim, she plans to stay with her sister until she can find an apartment to rent.

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Girl Slips Into Buried Sinkhole While Talking on Her Phone
Girl Slips Into Buried Sinkhole While Talking on Her Phone