Fish with Attitude on iOS is Happy Aquarium with a personality twist

Earlier this month, we brought you just a taste of what to expect when Fish with Attitude launched on the iOS App Store, and now that we've had a chance to try the game out for ourselves, we can confirm that this is one fish tale that doesn't fall far from the source. Heavily inspired by CrowdStar's other fish game, Happy Aquarium, Fish with Attitude allows you to purchase up to 10 fish tanks and fill them with dozens of different fish. Instead of being categorized by species names, these fish are simply separated by personality type, leaving you to purchase Nice Fish, Adventurous Fish, Rebel Fish and more.

The gameplay focus within Fish with Attitude is split pretty evenly between breeding fish (with no restrictions based on gender) to find new personality types and on completing quests (and the two often overlap). You'll be able to combine two different fish traits to see what personality trait the baby inherits, and some breeding pairs will result in a completely new kind of fish. There's just a touch of strategy here, as you might need to use a bit of forethought to determine which two fish to pair together based on what you think the likely outcome would be. For instance, breeding a Nice Fish with a Brave Fish would result in a Flirty Fish, as the baby would be nice to strangers, but also brave enough to be flirtatious. Unfortunately, you can run into duplicate fish, which can be sold for excess coins, but you won't get back any of the time you wasted in waiting for the duplicate egg to hatch.

The rest of your time can be spent collecting coins from each tank's treasure chest (happy fish will drop coins over time), or waiting for your fish to be trained so that they'll generate more coins each minute / hour from then on. You can even have your fish dig for treasures in the "sand" within their tanks, as they'll often come back with decorations. Moving fish and decorations between tanks is easier said than done, as some items require multiple taps before the game registers your action, and the app's lack of multi-tasking support doesn't help matters when you leave your fish to train or dig for treasure only to have to wait through a long loading screen before getting back to the underwater action.


Fish with Attitude is incredibly light on social features, allowing you to connect to your Facebook account and then send friends up to three gifts per day. You'll receive Pearls (otherwise called "Treasure'), the game's premium currency, for connecting, but afterwards will be unlikely to actually make use of the connection again.

Without a huge focus to sell fish for profits (you can make plenty of money just waiting for your tanks' treasure chests to fill over time), the enjoyment factor really comes down to how much you like "collect-them-all" gameplay experiences. If you're ready to spend a few hours collecting and breeding every fish available in this limited experience, you can now download the game for free on your iPhone or iPad.

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Have you tried Fish with Attitude? What do you think of this game as compared to Happy Aquarium on Facebook? Sound off in the comments.

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