FarmVille Jade Falls Items: Bitter Orange Tree, Pandas and more


This week, we brought you the news concerning FarmVille's Jade Falls Haiku Contest, which will give all players a chance of walking away with up to 1,000 Farm Cash. If you're looking for some inspiration for writing your haiku, why not take a look at the newest items in the game's limited edition Jade Falls item theme? We're here with a look at these new items, which will be available in the store for the next two weeks.


Bitter Orange Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Japanese Angelica Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Golden Bamboo Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Jade Bamboo Tree - 90,000 Jade Coins or 14 Farm Cash


Red Snapper (Water Only) - 80,000 Jade Coins or 6 Farm Cash
Burmese - 2 million coins
Pork Bun Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Kung Fu Tiger - 18 Farm Cash
Terracotta Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Bamboo Mansion - 25 Farm Cash
Chinese Pagoda - 8 Farm Cash


Bamboo Archway - 20,000 coins
Pandas - 14 Farm Cash
Kung Fu Duck - 10 Farm Cash
Rickshaw Gnome - 12 Farm Cash

Again, these items will only be available for a limited time, so make sure and go shopping for them now before they expire.

What do you think of these newest Jade Falls items in FarmVille? Sound off in the comments!