Words With Friends, Draw Something to hook Windows Phone 8 users

Draw Something Windows Phone 8
Draw Something Windows Phone 8

Microsoft hasn't given up on Windows Phone as a gaming destination just yet, and neither have some key game makers. The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch reports that Zynga will bring its two most popular mobile games, Words With Friends and Draw Something, to Windows Phone 8 when the recently-announced mobile operating system hits this fall.

The Xbox pusher announced the update to its Windows Phone platform during a developers event in San Francisco earlier today, as of this writing. Other developers that have signed on to push games out for Windows Phone 8 include Big Fish, Gameloft and more. Microsoft seemingly had trouble garnering game developer interest in Windows Phone 7, event with features like Xbox Live integration.

That said, it's interesting to see that suddenly big-time game makers are down with Windows Phone 8. Perhaps that's thanks to changes made by Microsoft that help smooth the process through which developers can bring existing games to Windows Phone 8 devices. VentureBeat points out that the recently-revealed Surface tablet also runs on Windows 8, implying that games will offer cross-platform play of some sort.

However, according to a Nokia release, both Draw Something and Words With Friends will be exclusive to Nokia-built Windows Phone devices for the first two months after their release this fall. Then, and only then, will the games be available on all Windows Phones. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

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