Game of the Day: Club 300 Bowling


Sometimes, you just want to shut up and bowl. No fuss; no frills. Today's Game of the Day, Club 300 Bowling, is one such game, having made it onto the "Editor's Choice" list at ESPN Arcade. Believe it or not, there's actually five different kinds of bowling, with the most well-known being ten-pin, which is what you get in this game.

Roll the ball down the bowling alley by holding the left mouse button while sliding your mouse forward as though you were throwing the ball, and then letting go of the mouse button to propel the ball. Fast movements lead to faster and more powerful rolls. You can also adjust the ball's direction even after you've released it by clicking your mouse along the alley. This option makes Club 300 Bowling rather unrealistic, but no one's complained yet. If you think that makes it too easy, you can always not do it.

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