Galaxy Life rockets to iOS with Pocket Adventures


Back in April, Digital Chocolate and Spil Gamesteamed up to spread Galaxy Life's tiny orange aliens across the latter's network of 170 million monthly players. Now, the goal of total domination continues as Digital Chocolate has released a mobile version of Galaxy Life on iPhone and iPad with Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures. As of this writing, Pocket Adventures is only available to download via the Canadian iTunes store, but we can only assume it will come to the US store in a few days or weeks.

Unfortunately, fans of the Facebook version of Galaxy Life won't be able to bring over their progress to this mobile version, as it is a completely separate experience. If you're willing to start over, you'll find that the gameplay remains unchanged, right down to the dialog in the initial cutscene and tutorial. The user interface has been streamlined for mobile devices (the store is less cluttered, for one), and you'll also be able to connect to Game Center and Facebook to share your progress with friends and strangers alike.

Again, Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures doesn't allow you to carry over your previously saved game, but if you enjoyed the Facebook version enough to want to play the game while one the go, make sure to watch out for the game's launch on the American iTunes store sometime later this year.

Click here to download Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures on the Canadian iTunes Store --->

Are you excited about Galaxy Life coming to iOS? Will you play the game, even if it doesn't allow you to carry over your progress from the Facebook version? Let us know in the comments!