Happy Aquarium's spiritual successor is Fish with Attitude on iOS

Fish with Attitude iPhone
Fish with Attitude iPhone

The name of CrowdStar's game is now only mobile, but that doesn't mean its Facebook games are dead in the water. (See what we did there?) The developer has released its next free-to-play game for iPhone and iPad, and--hold onto your pants--it's not a "Girl" game. It's called Fish with Attitude, and it's all but Happy Aquarium on iOS devices with a few twists.

In this fish tank simulator, players' little finned friends have personalities and those will affect not only how they interact with the player, but their fellow fish. Fish with Attitude also lets players dig for buried treasure with their virtual fish, treat them with toys and decorate their fish tanks with wallpapers and decorations--like any good fish simulator should.

Of course, the most intriguing feature to Fish with Attitude is just that: The numerous personalities that CrowdStar claims will change up the play. Well, that and the fact the breeding fish also unlocks new personalities. We'll see whether Fish with Attitude has bite to match its bark in our review, but until then, take a look for yourself.

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