FarmVille Jade Falls Haiku Contest: Enter for a chance to win 1,000 Farm Cash

Whether you're a fan of the Jade Falls expansion in FarmVille or not, I think you'd agree with me that winning 1,000 Farm Cash would be a great thing. Zynga has combined the two with a new contest on the game's official forums, asking you to use a bit of creativity to write a poem about Jade Falls itself.

This can't be any old poem though, as this contest specifically requires a haiku. A Haiku is a three line poem with a syllable pattern of 5, 7, 5 over the poem's three lines. Simply create a haiku about Jade Falls (or even FarmVille in general), and you'll have a chance to win.

Three very lucky entrants will walk away with this contest's spoils, with the grand prize winner taking home 1,000 Farm Cash. The second and third place prizes are 500 and 250 Farm Cash each, respectively, so there's definitely plenty of incentive to throw a few lines together in an effort to win, wouldn't you agree? For more rules and how to enter, check out the FarmVille forums. Good luck!

[Image credit: Zynga]

What would you do if you won this contest and suddenly had 1,000 Farm Cash to spend? Would you spend it all quickly, or would you save it for future releases? Sound off in the comments!