CityVille Equality Neighborhood: Everything you need to know


After the launch of the Equality Business Tower in CityVille earlier this month (a structure that allows you to store all regular businesses, regardless of theme or size), there was apparently such support amongst the community that Zynga felt compelled to release an Equality Neighborhood to go along with it.

The new Equality Neighborhood is available to users Level 20 and above, and it can be built block by block by asking your friends to send you building materials and then asking your friends to come work as staff on each individual level. The "Equality Estates," as it's also called, can have up to three blocks, with each storing five homes. The only homes that this building won't store are skyscrapers and custom homes that you've manipulation yourself. Other items are apparently fair game, hence the name of the building.

Once you've hit Level 20, if you decide to build an Equality Estates, you'll need to first collect 25 building ingredients, using a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual friend requests:

  • 5 Roof Tiles

  • 5 Gates

  • 5 Chimneys

  • 5 Door Knobs

  • 5 Plants

Once you've collected these items, you'll be given two storage spaces for free in your first block, and must ask three friends to fill out the rest of it, giving you an initial storage capacity of five homes. From there, you'll ask for more of the same building ingredients (seven of each are required the second time), and will have to ask more friends to help you out to actually unlock Block 2's storage slots. Complete these two stages once more to finish off the Equality Neighborhood once and for all with a final storage capacity of 15 items.

Ultimately, this Equality Neighborhood doesn't really change the way we look at building or home storage in CityVille, but it does do away with many of the arbitrary restrictions seen elsewhere. If you've got an excess of homes that need to be stored (without losing their populations), make sure to build an Equality Neighborhood in your town right away!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Are you excited about building this Equality Neighborhood, or do you already have all of your town's homes in storage buildings? Sound off in the comments!

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