Are You Living in One of America's Gayest Places?

americas gayest places
americas gayest places

When you think of gay-friendly areas, your first thoughts are probably New York City and San Francisco, right?

Well, sure -- but you'd be surprised at some of the other towns in America that boast the biggest concentrations of gay men and women.

The number crunchers at real estate website Trulia looked at 2010 Census data to determine the neighborhoods with the highest concentrations of male and female same-sex couples. Then they looked at the median price of a home per square foot in those areas to gauge their affordability. You probably won't be shocked by which place holds the No. 1 spot, but there were some surprising results.

"One of the things that struck me was the mix of cities that had the highest shares of gay couples," Jed Kolko, Trulia's chief economist, told AOL Real Estate. "Some were expensive, well-known urban neighborhoods; others were more suburban areas or smaller towns which aren't anywhere nearly as well known for having concentrations of gay couples."

One surprising thing: New York isn't very high on the list. Kolko explained that, while NYC does have a high number of gay couples, they simply didn't make up as significant of a percentage, due to New York's large population. The Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan did rank No. 14, though, with a 5.8 percent concentration of male couples.

Another interesting result was the lack of overlap between neighborhoods with high concentrations of male and female same-sex couples.

"Some if it is cost," said Kolko. "When we look at the top neighborhoods for men, we notice they are pretty expensive neighborhoods. The ones with high concentrations of women, and not much for men, tend to be lower-priced." According to Kolko, "the bigger theme is that male couples are more likely to live in neighborhoods with large gay populations than female couples are."

See the story on Trulia for even more analysis.

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