Zynga's Ruby Blast is now live on Facebook

ruby blast on facebook
ruby blast on facebook

For all of you match-3 mavens who have been breathlessly awaiting Zynga's new match-3 game, Ruby Blast, the wait is now over.

This new Facebook game is very similar to one of my favorite play modes in Bejeweled 3 -- Diamond Mine -- where a click on three or more of the same colored blocks will blast them apart, allowing you to mine downward into the earth and collect anything you might find there (like, rubies, for instance). Ruby Blast doesn't have the same slick production as Bejeweled 3, but then again, you can play it for free, ponying up for extra energy when you run out or extra power-ups to help you secure a high spot on the game's leaderboard.

On a broader note, it's interesting that Zynga seems to looking to the more classic casual game types for its new material, rather than launching any other 'Ville' games. In the past two weeks, the launch lineup has included a matching game, a slots game and now a match-3/collapse game. What's next -- a time management game a la Diner Dash?

For more details, check out our full run-down of Ruby Blast here. Stay tuned for a full review in the not-too-distant future.

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