Inside Look: NYC's 'Steampunk' Loft (VIDEO)


If you've ever read Jules Verne's seminal science fiction novels -- "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" (1870) or "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1864) -- then you'll especially appreciate the inspired retro-futuristic feel of this New York City loft.

Packed to the gills with repurposed vintage nautical artifacts and antique welding tools, the space is a monument to the "steampunk" genre, which captures the aesthetic expression of a time-traveling fantasy world filled with proto-submarines, locomotives and zeppelins. From the whirligigs and steam pipes flanking the walls to the submarine portholes and deactivated bomb-pulleys, this otherworldly apartment was like nothing we'd ever seen before. And at this point, we thought we'd seen everything.

Like what you see? You'd better be prepared to fork over $1.65 million (the newly reduced price). Nicole Beauchamp of Warburg Realty has the listing.

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