FarmVille Flower Garden: Everything you need to know

While we've already brought you a look at the new Single and Full Bloom flower feature in FarmVille, this new way to play has one more major element: a Bloom / Flower Garden. Just as an Orchard stores trees, the Flower Garden will store Flower Blooms (both Single and Full Blooms can be stored). If you store Blooms inside these Flower Gardens, they'll never wither, but can still be "harvested." Of course, you'll need to collect building materials to manually construct a Flower Garden before putting one to good use.

You'll need to collect 10 Flower Ties, 10 Gardening Edging and 10 Trellises to complete the first stage of the Flower Garden, and as you might expect, these items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash. Once you've finished the first construction phase, you'll have a Flower Garden that can hold 20 different Blooms. If you collect 10 more of each of the three materials, you'll upgrade to Level 2 with a capacity of 30 Blooms. Upgrade once more (using another 30 building ingredients), and you'll reach the maximum capacity of the Flower Garden: 40 Blooms.

Not only can you use the Bloom / Flower Garden for storage, but you can also go inside a specialized menu to look at your flowers in a much larger size. This is similar to many animal storage buildings, in that you'll be able to see all potential flowers that can be stored inside (with ones you don't own being "grayed out," which can serve as a sort of checklist for your collection-making needs.

Will you build a Flower or Bloom Garden on your farm in FarmVille? Or, do you prefer to look at each individual Bloom separately on your basic farmland? Sound off in the comments!