FarmVille Flower Blooms: Everything you need to know

If you're running out of things to do or grow in FarmVille, a new flower feature might have just given you a chance at new addiction. Flower Bulbs are now available to purchase in the store, and they act similarly to Mystery Tree Seedlings, in that you'll need to collect Flower Food to actually grow them (just as you collect water for trees).

There are two different types of Blooms, with Single Blooms and Full Blooms being available to grow from different Bulbs. Of course, there's the potential for a limitless amount of Bulbs in the game, depending on how many types of flowers the folks at Zynga decide to release.

A Single Bloom is a Bulb that will grow into a single stemmed flower (say, a single Fire Sunflower, for instance). You'll need to wait a few days for them to grow, and can even harvest them for coins once that's done. These flowers will wither on your farms if you don't harvest them within seven days, but luckily, an Unwither Ring will stop this from happening as it applies to these new Flowers. Meanwhile, a Full Bloom is one that has multiple flowers in a larger bunch. Full Blooms will not wither by default, and they also give off double mastery points when you harvest them. That's right, these new Flower Blooms can be mastered (note: Single and Full Blooms go into the same mastery area - that is, there isn't a separate mastery for Full Fire Sunflowers and Single Fire Sunflowers).

Along the way, you'll need to collect Flower Food from your friends to grow your flowers, and can collect random Flower Bulbs from your friends' news posts, just as you collect Mystery Seedlings that your friends share on their walls. Mystery Bulbs are also produced on your own farm as you harvest both Single and Full Blooms, giving you a chance to continue on in the feature even without your friends' help.

As of right now, there are 12 different flowers to purchase in Single and Full Bloom varieties in the store (you'll be given a single Flower Bulb for free when you next enter your game):

  • Pink Boat Orchid

  • Pink Gladiolas

  • Soho Oriental Poppy

  • Tiger Lily

  • Anemone

  • Damask Rose

  • White Daises

  • Orange Tulip

  • Purple Carnation

  • Fire Sunflower

  • Purple Petunias

  • Pink Fireweed

Again, it's possible that dozens of new flower types (or more) could be released into FarmVille in the future, but this, along with the launch of the Bloom Garden should be enough to get you started for now!

[Via Zynga]

What do you think of this Full and Single Bloom flower feature in FarmVille? Will you work on mastering all of the different flower types, or do you have enough trouble just keeping up with trees and crops? Let us know in the comments!