Sweet deal: BioWare offers Dragon Age Legends as free download

Dragon Age Legends
Dragon Age Legends

BioWare Social's (and EA2D's) Dragon Age Legends may be down, but it's certainly not out. The developer recently announced that its ambitious branded Facebook game based around the sprawling fantasy game series is now available as a free download. Sure, it's neither online nor social any longer, but don't look a battle-armored gift horse in the mouth now.

Fans of the gorgeous, combat-heavy Facebook game will need Adobe Air to download and play the game at their leisure, and soon they'll be able to import their saved character from when Dragon Age Legends was still available. (Is that a tear I notice on my keyboard?)

A move like this shows how dedicated the team truly is to its creation--few if any other developers have made a Facebook game available as a free download after it got the ax online. We here personally dug Dragon Age Legends while it lasted, and we're sure BioWare Social hopes you'll do the same long after it's gone from Facebook. And to the rest of you game makers that were forced to shutter a Facebook game, take notes.

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