Zynga hops into match-three game scene with Ruby Blast [Report]

Ruby Blast
Ruby Blast

Zynga has all but made a point of entering a game genre with its own property and dominating there. So, for the social gaming giant to come out with its own match-three game should come as no surprise. Inside Social Games reports that Ruby Blast is next in line to make oodles of cash (in theory) for the developer, and what you see to the right could be the first leaked screen shot.

ISG suspects that Ruby Blast has been developed in house ... or more likely at one of Zynga's gajillion satellite studios. Based on this allegedly leaked screen, Ruby Blast looks like a match-three puzzle game with a mining theme, much like the Diamond Mine mode in the most recent iteration of Bejeweled or, as ISG points out, Tetris Stars on Facebook.

Of course, that means this Zynga will place a heavy focus on cerebral action, much like the kind of game that looks to outpace the simulators of old on Facebook any day now. In fact, the company seems to have shifted focus from the Ville side of things to games with a little more oomph, as shown by hits like Bubble Safari, so a game like Ruby Blast makes a whole lot of sense.

With the way things seem to be going for Zynga on Wall Street, Ruby Blast won't just be digging for gems, but for profits.

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