Pioneer Trail Sheriff Academy: Everything you need to know

Mae's time as Sheriff in your Pioneer Trail town has come to an end, and she wants you to take her place as head lawman or law-woman. First, you'll need to complete your Sheriff's training via the new Sheriff's Academy feature that introduces two new collections and five new goals for you to complete in the game.

Sheriff's Academy

  • Place the Sheriff's Academy

  • Investigate 1 Encrypted Message

  • Harvest 20 Cherry Trees

Rewards: 200 XP, 200 coins, Master Faster 1 Hr Boost

Butter Fingered

  • Craft 5 Substitute Pies

  • Find 8 Butter-Fingered Thieves

  • Complete Phase 1 of the Sheriff's Academy

The Substitute Pies are crafted using Buttery Crusts (earned from friends) and Improvised Pie Fillings, which are earned at random when tending Plum Trees. To build the first phase of the Academy, you'll need to collect lots of Speaking Trumpets, Drill Whistles, Dusty Bandanas, Drill Ropes, Steely-Eyed Stares and Armory Keys. These items are earned through a combination of harvesting crops, asking your friends to send them to you or tending trees. From there, every phase of the building process requires similar items in larger quantities that you'll need to collect. You'll receive 400 XP, 400 coins and two Angus Cows for completing this goal.

Parking Violation

  • Investigate 6 Wagon Tracks

  • Collect 25 Wagon Wheels

  • Complete Phase 2 of the Sheriff's Academy

The Wagon Wheels will drop at random when tending Oak Trees. You'll receive 600 XP, 600 coins and an Ultimate Chili for completing this goal.

Rustlin' in the Breeze

  • Collect 30 Cow Patties

  • Investigate 7 Torn Fabric

  • Complete Phase 3 of the Sheriff's Academy

The Cow Patties drop at random when tending Adult Cows. You'll earn 800 XP, three Dinners and the Paddy Wagon decoration for completing this goal.

Finally, Finals

  • Take 5 Final Cadet Exams

  • Hire 10 Friends to create a Sheriff's Posse

  • Complete the Sheriff's Academy Building Process

Rewards: 1,000 XP, 3 Quick Draw Quaffs, Drill Sergeant Bear decoration

As you collect your Sheriff's Academy daily bonus, you'll earn items for the new Sheriff's Academy collection, which will reward you with a Paddy Wagon when you turn it in. Good luck completing these goals!
[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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