Merlin to put a spell on Facebook gamers with new social game

Merlin Facebook game
Merlin Facebook game

In the age of social and mobile games, not even British television is safe from rampant game adaptations. IGN reports that hit BBC fantasy drama Merlin is set to receive its very own Facebook game, simply titled Merlin: The Game. The branded game is in the works at Bossa Studios, the creator of ambitious monster romp Monstermind. But don't write this one off just yet.

According to IGN, a lot of time and effort has gone into Merlin to craft a ... spellbinding experience. (This is just too easy.) Toning down the cheese factor, Bossa Studios' Imre Jele told IGN, "We have carefully crafted the game to capture the very essence of the world's most famous sorcerer. Players can explore magical lands while adventuring alongside trusty allies in the Crystal Cave, knocking out ferocious Wilddeoren rats or uniting with one of their favourite characters like Merlin or Arthur."

Merlin on Facebook will feature fully customizable characters that eventually join forces with Merlin himself as players level up. The "hardcore" crowd will be happy to know that Merlin boasts real-time multiplayer play between friends that can either hack and slash things up as a knight or fling some fireballs as a wizard.

"I'm a hardcore player at home on my Xbox, but when I'm out and about I'm casual," Jele told IGN. "We've focused on ensuring that hardcore players will find a lot of stuff to do here when not in front of their consoles, especially with the awesome story." Merlin on Facebook is due out in time for the fifth season--sorry, series--of Merlin this fall on BBC One, but you can sign up for a closed beta test here.

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