Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates America with Fourth of July boosts [Exclusive]


As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day in the United States on July 4, Facebook game developer Arkadium has given users a way to celebrate virtually in Mahjongg Dimensions with an all new Fourth of July Collection. This collection contains four new boosts for you to purchase or collect with your friends' help, with each giving you a chance to really fly up your friends leaderboard by earning a ton of points.

Only two of these four boosts are available as of this writing, with the other two coming online over the next few weeks. A "Summer Grilling Puzzle" is available for free, as you just have to get a friend to send you one. Meanwhile, a Fireworks Puzzle costs 50 Facebook Credits (for a pack of 10). The other two boosts, the Apple Pie Puzzle and the Stars and Stripes Puzzle [pictured above], will be released on July 2 and June 25, respectively.

If you can collect all four Boosts during this event, you'll receive a free Freedom VIP Boost as an extra gift. Regardless of the boost, these puzzles will allow you to play a much easier puzzle than you would in the normal game, with less symbols to match, allowing for faster (and bigger) combos and offering the potential for huge scores that will probably beat out the high scores of your friends. All of this will only be available in the game for a limited time, so be sure to play and collect these four boosts for yourself before the collection disappears on July 9.

Are you excited about playing through Independence Day-themed puzzles in Mahjongg Dimensions? Sound off in the comments.

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