FarmVille launches Player Appreciation Week with coin items


If there's one thing that is almost guaranteed to make FarmVille players happy, it's the launch of items in the store that cost just coins to purchase, rather than Farm Cash. Such is the case this evening, as "Player Appreciation Week" has launched within the game, bringing with it a set of items in the store that can be purchased for (arguably large amounts of) coins. Here's a look at these items in the Player Appreciation Week theme!


Naval Orange Tree - 1.5 million coins


Norwegian Birthday Cat - 1 million coins
Okapi - 1 million coins
Birthday White Park Cow - 1 million coins
Auxious Horse - 1 million coins
Caiman - 1.5 million coins
Red Merganser - 1 million coins
Dalesbred Sheep - 1 million coins
Bactrian Birthday Camel - 750,000 coins

Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any buildings, decorations or clothing items available in this Player Appreciation Week theme, but it's definitely possible that these sorts of items will launch later in the week to keep the virtual party going. We'll be there every step of the way to let you know what comes of this entire week, so stay tuned!

What do you think of these coin items in the Player Appreciation Week theme? Will you purchase any of these animals for your farms, or are these prices still too high for your liking? Sound off in the comments!