FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 3 Goals: Everything you need to know

The storyline of FarmVille's Jade Falls has received a new Chapter this week, with the launch of the Chapter 3 goals in the game. This one is focused on helping Hiro, a young boy who wants to build a Dragon Boat. If you're willing to help him out, you'll receive animals, trees and more along the way, so let's get started on our look at how to complete these goals on your newest farm!

Best Laid Plans

  • Get 6 Boat Plans

  • Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo

  • Improve Mountain Palace to Stage 2

Rewards: 25 ZP, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, 425 Jade Coins

Will It Float?

  • Get 8 Ancient Logs

  • Harvest 8 Sticky Rice

  • Harvest 2 Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys

Rewards: 50 ZP, Evergreen Pear Tree, 850 Jade Coins

Paint Your Dragon

  • Get 8 Dragon Streamers

  • Harvest 15 Sichuan Peppers

  • Make 2 Pho Soup

Rewards: 75 ZP, Yakow (animal), 1,275 Jade Coins

Drum and Drummer

  • Get 8 Dragon Drums

  • Harvest 20 Azuki

  • Make 2 Chow Mein

Rewards: 100 ZP, Dragon Costume, 1,700 Jade Coins

Love It Oar Leave It!

  • Get 9 Dragon Oars

  • Harvest 25 Edamame

  • Complete 1 Jade Aquarium

Rewards: 150 ZP, Dragon Boat, 2,125 Jade Coins

Never Deal with a Dragon

  • Get 10 Dragon Breath

  • Master Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

  • Make 2 Egg Rolls

Rewards: 200 ZP, Dragon, 4,250 Jade Coins

We'll make sure to let you know when additional Jade Falls content launches in FarmVille, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of the requirements and prizes for these Chapter 3 goals? Sound off in the comments!