CityVille Summer Adventure Maps: Everything you need to know

If you're still a fan of Zynga's Treasure Isle on Facebook, you'll probably be excited to learn that treasure hunting has come to CityVille as well, but with a major twist. A series of Summer Adventure Maps have come to the game, offering you a chance to collect pieces to complete these maps to receive treasures for your city after doing so.

As of this writing, there are five maps to complete, each of which offers a different prize at the end. The first map, for example, gives you an Old West Saloon for your city, but you'll need to collect the nine pieces of the treasure map before receiving it. These nine pieces are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with City Cash. In the case of this Old West Saloon, it's a business that requires 380 Goods to operate and will provide 1,992 coins in profit by default. For completing this first map, you'll also receive a bounty of 50,000 coins.

Once you've completed one map, you can move onto the next, and will receive four more rewards if you finish this entire feature:

  • Old West Town Hall - Community Building with 1,780 citizen allowance

  • General Store - Business that requires 550 Goods and produces 2,250 coins

  • Telegraph Office - Community Building with a 1,550 citizen allowance

  • Boarding House - Home with a population of 560

We'll definitely be on the lookout for additional treasure maps in CityVille, and will let you know if other prizes are released in a similar feature in the future. Stay tuned for more!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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