FarmVille Dino Lab: Everything you need to know


Jurassic Park has come to FarmVille with the release of the Dino Lab, allowing you to store and even create your own Dinosaurs using harvested Dino DNA. You'll be given the base of your Dino Lab for free, and must then build it with a variety of new building materials:

  • 10 Metal Posts

  • 10 Fill Dirt

  • 10 Cement

These items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or you can purchase them with Farm Cash. You can also watch out for free items being posted by your friends, who may have finished a certain step and are sharing excess parts. Once you've finished the Dino Lab, you can start to fill it with a variety of dinosaurs, which are available to purchase in the market.

Archaeopteryx - 52 Farm Cash
Kentrosaurus - 20 Farm Cash
Monoclonius - 34 Farm Cash
Minmi - 45,000 coins
Gallimimus - 50,000 coins
Euoplocephalus - 12 Farm Cash
Plateosaurus - 40 Farm Cash
Seismosaurus - 26 Farm Cash
Styracosaurus - 74 Farm Cash
Carnotaurus - 40,000 coins
Brachiosaurus - 50,000 coins
Baryonyx - 34 Farm Cash
Apatosaurus - 64 Farm Cash
Albertosaurus - 112 Farm Cash
Oviraptor - 10 Farm Cash
Blue Dilophosaurus - 92 Farm Cash
Spinosaurus - 28 Farm Cash
Corythosaurus - 42 Farm Cash
Coelophysis - 40,000 coins
Deinonychus - 18 Farm Cash

None of these items have a time limit in the store, leading us to believe that this will be a fairly permanent feature on our farms. We'll make sure to update this space as we learn more about the Dino Lab, so stay tuned!

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