FarmVille Parisian Chateau Items come back as Birthday Classics


Continuing the tradition of years past, FarmVille's third birthday celebration sees the limited time return of some formerly retired items in the game's marketplace. The first theme in this incredibly limited event is Parisian Chateau, and it comes with just a handful of items that you can now purchase across your farms, making up for anything you might have missed when these items were originally available. Here's a look at the newly re-released items.


Camargue Horse - 24 Farm Cash


Patisserie - 42 Farm Cash
Pavilion - 30 Farm Cash
Chateau - 60 Farm Cash


Provencal Fence - 700 coins
Forest - 10 Farm Cash
Lavender Knoll - 4 Farm Cash
Hill - 6,500 coins

As you can see, there are only a few items in this first wave of Birthday Classics items, but hopefully they're the ones you want from this previously released theme, as it seems that they're all we're going to get. This theme of items will expire from the store in just under 13 hours, so shop fast if you're interested in purchasing any of them! Stay tuned for more Birthday Classics coverage, as we discover what theme FarmVille brings back next!

Will you rush into FarmVille to purchase any of these returning items, or did you purchase all that you wanted the first time they were available? Sound off in the comments!