Trucker, Too Drunk To Drive, Tells Boss He's Being Held Hostage, Police Say

drunk truck driver says he was taken hostage

Two days ago, Thomas James Conner and a friend allegedly got so drunk that neither couldn't drive. So instead of calling in sick, as perhaps others would do, Conner, a Washington state trucker, came up with a whopper of a story: He told his bosses that he and his truckload of berries had been taken hostage.

According to police, the 33-year-old commercial truck driver was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants, unlawful possession of an open container and filing a false police report and jailed, reports.

The incident began Wednesday afternoon when trucking company Conner worked for told police that one of its drivers had sent a text message saying the driver was being held hostage by two armed men, according to Oregon State Police.

State troopers responded to the call by first calling the driver. But they couldn't make sense of his story and so began looking for the driver and his truck along Interstate 5.

Police soon found Conner and another man, an unauthorized passenger, walking about a quarter mile away from the truck. Both were too drunk to drive, police said, so they made up the story about Conner being taken hostage.

The passenger wasn't arrested or cited, police said.

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