The 'Manliest' Cities Where Real Men Live


Think you're a real man? Then you'd better live in one of these cities.

COMBOS® has released its annual list of America's Manliest Cities in partnership with research expert Bert Sperling.

So what makes a city "manly"?

The top 50 metropolitan areas in the U.S. were judged based on a slew of masculine offerings. For sports, cities were ranked by the number of major league sports teams, nearby NASCAR events and other running and racing events. As far as "manly lifestyle" goes, cities gained points for bowling, fishing, woodworking and home improvement work (don't you dare call it decorating). Manly businesses were also taken into account: a high concentration of home improvement stores, BBQ restaurants and steak houses made a city manlier. And if you and all of your neighbors subscribe to Playboy, consider your city to be ranked higher in the "manly magazine subscriptions" category.

But cities also lost points for more "emasculating" criteria, such as how many residents drive foreign cars and minivans. (What, a Ferrari isn't manly?) Points were also lost for a high concentration of home décor stores, coffee shops, sushi restaurants (men like their fish COOKED!) and "modern" male apparel stores. Finally, high levels of subscription to magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Vanity Fair and Vogue put cities towards the bottom of the man pile.

Take a look at which cities made the cut as the top ten manliest in America. See the rest of the list here.