Lookin' Good, Dad: 5 Hot Retailers That Cater to the 'Mansome' Male

Mr. Porter
Mr. Porter

It might still be a man's world, but women have long had the edge when it comes to fashion and beauty savvy. But that's now starting to change.

If the spate of new businesses catering to men is any indication, men are primping like never before. And it's not just marketers looking to cash in: Men's buying patterns indicate a growing interest in what they wear and how they look.

As of March 11, sales of men's apparel grew 4.9% from 2011, according to The NPD Group, the market research firm. What's more, the men's facial skincare market -- which includes facial and body skincare, shaving, hair care, and fragrance products -- grew 11% in dollar sales in 2011 from 2010.

It seems the notion of the metrosexual -- the term coined in the 1990s to describe appearance-conscious dudes -- has expanded, giving way to the new everyday "mansome" male, to borrow the title of a new documentary that takes a cheeky look at the male-grooming trend: Male pampering has moved from the margins into the mainstream.

While not all guys are stepping up their grooming efforts, "more men are," Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst for the NPD Group, tells DailyFinance. "There is a heightened awareness of dress and grooming and more attention being paid to this by men and retailers," she says.

Fashion and retail consultant Tom Julian agrees. Men from "teens to seniors have all embraced the idea of what it takes to look good from head-to-toe, hair-to-skin."

The trend can be seen in the "barber shop boom" across the country, and the addition of male services to day spas and manicure salons, Julian says.

In honor of Father's Day, here's a look at five retailers that are new -- or newly focused -- on the peacock male.